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Choose just the services you need, or we can build an all-inclusive package

Stress shows up differently on the body such as acne. It is important to know what you can do to relieve pain and stress.

Let's explore what is yoga...
This is an opportunity to ask questions and learn about Yoga principles along with postures, breathing exercises, meditation, and guided visualizations.

We will sit down and discuss our services with you. We use a holistic and solution-oriented approach to know what works best for you.

Treat yourself to our relaxing customized facial which includes: 1. Cleanse 2. Facial mask 3. Exfoliate and extractions 4. Massage: hand, arm, shoulder and head massage 5. Serum, Moisturize and sun protection.

To address wellness, we use yoga as a tool to help clients identify how stress shows up in their body and what best poses to relieve their stress. We use coaching as a method to discover effective and impactful ways to address personal and professional goals.

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Let's get clarity, steps and direction. 

Our goal is for you to identify and engage in goal activities that will reduce your compassion fatigue and burn out. We want you to embrace your professional and personal life that you envision by.

Trainer, Coach & Speaker

Shanina has provided training for educators, administrators, families, parents and students. Topics range from Family Ally, Academic Success to Barriers to Education Success. See work with Summit Learning Institute.

Contact us for details: beenavogue@gmail.com

Our customers love us

Virtual yoga with Shanina. She is amazing. Even when my cat (Ginger) comes along; showing patience and able to adapt style. -Regina S., Entrepreneur

Shanina a is certainly an example consistency. She shows up, follows through, and gets the job done. She’s full of resources and tries to troubleshoot issues they arise. She’s a team player at every level. She also has a great sense of humor. -Rose Z, Independent Contractor

Our student's truly enjoyed Ms. Shumate and were excited to hear her every week. Cynthia A., College Staff

Coaching Plans with YOU in mind

We understand that everyone is in a different place in their life. Whether you’re a lone ranger or a leader of the pack, there’s a package and subscription for you to reach the wellness you deserve.

Each plan is outfitted with you in mind perfecting and developing your wellness activities as a part of your daily routine.

Soulwell Intentions: Yoga, Coaching & Esthetics (hybrid)

Stress has a way of showing up in our bodies. We will explore preventative and interventive ways to have a work life balance.

Services include:

  • Coaching session (up to 6 sessions)
  • Yoga and meditation session (up to 6 sessions)
  • Monthly skincare consultation (up to 6 sessions)
  • Custom facial (in-person only) (up to 6 sessions)
  • Optional College and Career planning

*Cancel anytime* *No roll overs

$4,000/6 month

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Making Moves (Virtual)

Stress shows up in the body in different ways. In this plan we will explore different yoga poses along with designing a plan that can assist with (1) enforcing your boundaries, (2) guidance on manifesting your dreams in your professional and personal life.

Package & subscription include:

  • Bi weekly coaching sessions/up to 45 minutes
  • Bi weekly yoga and meditation sessions/up to 45 minutes (private session)
  • Optional College and Career planning

*Cancel anytime * No Roll overs *


“In our community, students seem to need a lot of support around emotional issues that are affecting their academics and Shanina is extremely effective in providing them a place to talk.” Educator

Empowerment: Growth & Development (hybrid)

What is empowerment in coaching?
Empowerment coaching allows you to recognize and eventually use your resources, find the right opportunities that will enhance and improve your situation and future lifestyle.

Services include:

  • Once a month coaching session
  • Once a month Yoga consultation
  • Once a month Back facial or facial treatment
  • Optional College and Career planning

*Cancel anytime * No Roll overs *



First, I listen.

I’ll start with an honest chat with you to understand you, your goals and needs. Here we’ll highlight what makes you unique, and define key opportunities we can achieve.  

Then, I learn.

Together, we’ll talk about your personal or professional life. We will devise an action plan to define and pursue your goals  

Lastly, we lead.

What I learn sets the foundation for ideas. We’ll build upon them to create a cohesive plan that leads the way to your success,

“Nina is amazing! She handles a huge range of kids (from K-12) with competence and grace everyday. Our students always seem to have a weight lifted off their shoulders after a meeting with Nina."  Teacher

"Providing support to a large group of kids who have varying issues.  Providing college and career assistance to our high school students. Making sure everyone is on the right path to meet graduation requirements." Office Manager

“I’m super independent... and can do things myself but this being my first time going to college, and not knowing how to do it…Shanina was like my education godsend.”- College Student



Event & Party Planner

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I’m a family ally, a coach, a counselor, educator, consultant, speaker and trainer. I am a total nerd when it comes to helping families, individuals and businesses align their values and goals with their action plan for their lives. Not just talking about a plan.. but living and breathing the plan...

My obsession is helping others find their passion and pursue their values relentlessly, so they can make a living doing what they love.

Over the past 15 years, I have helped hundreds of families, individuals and businesses, from all over the world uncover, optimize and grow into the lives they want to live and be……..so you are absolutely in the right place! 

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