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I have enjoyed working alongside Shanina over the years and truly appreciate her work ethic. I have witnessed her continuously go above and beyond for her clients, individuals, and families. She has a unique ability to integrate humor with empowering information. Shanina's commitment to providing clients with information and resources on wellness is invaluable!

Dr.NNeka Allen-Harrison

Shanina brings a wealth of knowledge, resources and information.  Partnering with her not only impacted the youth in out organization their parents, other partners and me.  Her coaching style is effective & relatable to everyone from working professional to Jr. High School students. I appreciate her time, attention to details, proactive approach and genuine spirit. Shanina is an unmatched counselor, coach, & partner and I look forward to continuing to cultivate young minds with her for years to come.

Rachel Hudson, Executive Director & IT Strategist

Shanina is extremely efficient and organized. She has excellent work ethic, can work independently and is able to follow through to ensure that the job gets done.

IT Business Owner

Our student's truly enjoyed Ms. Shumate and were excited to hear her every week.

Cynthia A., College Staff

Personalized ...

Relaxing ...

Compassionate atmosphere ...

Delightful relaxing first facial in a long time.

- Robynne J., Executive Director

Providing support to a large group of kids who have varying issues.  Providing college and career assistance to our high school students. Making sure everyone is on the right path to meet graduation requirements.

- Jessica, Educator

Shanina's authenticity makes her an accomplished culturally responsive counselor. She can see your truth and help you find your way to your best self.

- Vonya Hays, Educator & Social Behavioral Scientist

Shanina is an amazing mentor and life coach. She has helped guide me and many others into our career paths. She is very transparent and compassionate about her work and how it will impact others.

Sonya S., Educator

Ms. Shumate's outstanding qualities centered around her problem-solving skills, her independence of action and her ability to see the big picture as well as the fine details. She is a caring individual, great listener and fully immersed herself in the counseling profession through knowledge, information and practice.


Shanina has a unique set of experiences and interests that broaden her scope and abilities. In addition to her expertise in career and college counseling, she has extensive experience in broadcasting and community development. She has knowledge and experience in mentoring and counseling. Shanina has used the diverse profile to enhance programs and offer additional resources for students.

College Professor

Ms. Shumate's welcoming presence in the counseling office has been integral to establishing a place that is both a sanctuary for troubled youth and a workspace for the entire community as teachers, students, administrators and parents regularly convene to establish strategies that will enable [students] to suceed.

Middle School Teacher

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